• Tamika

    ‘PIECE OF MIND’ is very uplifting and positive but with a sense of reality. An honest lyrical message combined with handmade modern roots music,...

  • JerseyGoodas

    Interview with JerseyGoodas

  • Star Lion Family

    Star Lion family is just that we are shining stars within the system striving together incomplete brotherwood"

  • Bunji Garlin

    Bunji Garlin, a talented Trinidadian artiste, whose influences and ambitions extend across the Caribbean and beyond

  • Assassin

    Assassin got his lethal stage name from musical clashes he encountered with friends while in school. He would literally "assassinate" the competition

  • Ras Bumpa

    If you going to criticize you going to do something too, so step up, step up to the mic.

  • Army

    "For me the music is a healing, I feel that the music healed me, took me to places where I could have not necessarily have been without it"

  • Black Culture

    I Been in music since I was a youth. Way Way long time. Since I was a Babe I was always interested in dealing with some kind of sound, some kind of...

  • Batch

    Sound V.I.Zion recording artist Batch, has blessed us with two albums to date. Who you are, and Keep the Faith. Both of these albums are powerful...

  • Ijah Menelik

    Coming from a musical family, I was born in a musical house. InI Uncle is Arrow he sing "Hot Hot Hot" and father is write for him.