• Tamika

    ‘PIECE OF MIND’ is very uplifting and positive but with a sense of reality. An honest lyrical message combined with handmade modern roots music,...

  • Futuristic Interview

    Born and Raise in Montego Bay Jamaica, Futuristic is a crafty lyricist making his name on the Virginia Reggae scene and eventually to the world.

  • Gramps Morgan

    From Africa to the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific too, Roy “GRAMPS” Morgan has performed for sold out stadiums around the world...


    S.L.A.M., which is the acronym for Streets Life Arts Music, began with a single VHS-C camcorder, now utilizing HIGH DEFINITION quality products.

  • The Prisoners

    The Prisoners combine years of playing experience with university level jazz and classical training.

  • Abbey Kyat

    Abbey Kyat is an Island Music artist, writer, entrepreneur and actress who performs Soca, Calypso, Reggae and Hip Hop.

  • Sleepy Wonder Interview

    Major Sound Systems of Jamaica...

  • An Interview with Israel

    Emotionally I feel uplifted, spiritually gifted. All the negative energy that was living inside of my heart has been evicted!

  • Bukwi

    One part reggae & one part hip-hop = Bukwi (pronounced "buck*why"). The true essence of positivity, Bukwi stands alone in the reggae...

  • Nubian

    An Interview with Nubian