Ever G - My Queen

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Ever G

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In Total Agreement! Great Song, great Video EVER-G!!!

I agree with you whole heartedly! This is a great video! I am looking forward to seeing more of EVER-G "in concert" footage!!

Yes, we ladies need to respect ourselves and carry ourselves like Queens! This is the only way that we will get the respect and love that we deserve. My King and I are fortuneate to have this Love and Respect. "My Queen" is one of my favourite songs.


EVER-G - My Queen

Wicked Video G – Your band is tight!!!! My Queen is a very thought provoking song, especially for women. I believe that every woman should love and respect herself and in return she will be treated the same way - like a “Queen”. The song also describes what a real man; a King Man is looking for in that special person he wants as a companion. I think EVER-G did a phenomenal job putting the word out for all females to take note and see themselves the way The Creator intended it to be - as Royalty. Nuff Respect EVER-G!!!! Sisters, take note…..DG!