RastaMiles Tribulation Time

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Published on Oct 22, 2012

Video of original song Tribulation Time at a RastaMiles houseshow

I know that he has come
And I know Jah worth is one
And we know Jah will never shun
Your creeping evil InI already won

Your price to pay is the cost of your life
For InI volunteer Zion is the price
Truth in words the pen is stronger than the knife
Your creeping evil, InI has won this fight

David vs. Goliath, "small" beats the "big"
Root from the throne, Selah! Power is H.I.M.
Truth in the scriptures revelations coming here
Rastafari burning Babylon now call on the seven years
Tribulation Time!

BOOM! Jah fist is coming, knocking up on your door
BOOM! When you hit the ground running, never see your face nomore
You know what you're doing when you do it, so never to Jah ignore
Jah knows what you're doing when you do it
That's when he(x6)
That's when he judges what Babylon's got in store
You got a tribulation time!

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