Spragga Benz

spragga benz

Are you married? No.

You plan on getting married? I plan to living like an African King.

Many wives than? As many as I can support

How old are you? 33

I've seen the movie Shottas, and are you planning on doing any other movies? Well we didn't plan to do that one, so like wise we haven't any plans to do anymore, but if we should get a decent script that we enjoy reading, we might consider it.

So did you like acting better than being a Deejay? No

Is acting harder? No, it's not harder but mi rather deejay, mi rather be on stage, cause that way mi can always interact with the people them and tell them what mi really want them fi know, as appose to them watching a movie.

The big question, everybody wants to know, are you really a rasta? Mi a guh leave it, fi them answer themselves.

How do you feel about people who thing that rasta shouldn't sing certain things? I meant rasta or not, you lyrical content is still the same. Mi ah do mi, and mi a sing a lot more stuff that mi never use to sing before too.

Like rasta run the world? Not only rasta run the world, a lot more stuff, so when they come ah the show they going to hear some stuff, but just know the bible contradictory too, but the message is there fi them to pick it out.

How do you feel about the success of Sean Paul and Reggae music? Elated, it is belated, but I am elated for Sean Paul

You think the success that Dancehall has been experiencing will continue? Hopefully, cause them people kind of fickle, and they look for fads, mi know what them think reggae is just a fad, cause reggae and dancehall music is here to stay, reggae music is really the only message music, ah the only real music that tells people what's happening in the world, and that's the reason why mi know real want them to view it is just a fad. Most people don't know it's been around so long, like the younger kids. I appreciate the new comers, still

How you mange to stay out of the deejay wars? It nuh really necessary, that's why mi stay out of it, cause it nuh elevate nobody, and mi try not to be apart of all ah that, cause it seem kind of trivial. It seems childish to me, mi don't you should have to take out your differences on record. Tell the people some thing constructive.

So are you working on any projects? Mi ah work pan more than one album, as a matter of fact, not that we not focus on what we doing but so much music a come to me all at once mi just have to channel them in different areas, like we have a hardcore dancehall album that we working on with Rookie Productions, red square rookie productions, then we have a more laid back type vibe, Reggae type with a little Hip-Hop in there, which we did with the Marleys, Steven, ghetto youths. And we have some other stuff that is just different, it's not dancehall, it's not hip-hop, it's not even reggae. We call that herbal, cause it's a mixture of urban, dancehall alternative. And as usually we are dealing with all of the riddims that come our way, the regular Jamaican riddim. So we feel whenever the different producer have them riddim, wey they want a strength pan it we deal with it same way.

That's a good way to keep your name outta street, get on some riddims, but not too much? Not everyone, but the ones mi enjoy. We have a project we a work pan call Builders music, Dyah, mi brethren name Dyah have riddim out know call the gallop. We have a next one coming call the lime tree. We working on red square productions, we working on the different artist in the crew. Right now we concentrating on Sugar Slick who is a singer, he has a song that's mashing up Jamaica call “ girl I love you". We have a lot of things going right know.

So you are a busy man? Yeah, mi nuh really call it busy, we just have a lot of fun.

Any advice for anybody who wants to get into this business? Just be true to themselves, mi know that a lot of people tell you that, but that ah because ah the real thing, ah the real deal, you just have to be true to yourself and build music that you feel, and don't let nobody influence you too much, because you will lose your essence you just got to be yourself and do the things you feel, and do it to the best of your abilities, be as professional as you can, and praise God, praise Rastafari. Rastafarism, and my hair style is all a sign of blackness, it no matter what anybody want do or say mi know myself, and mi ah find myself. So the time them spend to try to criticize me, I will advise that them try find themselves.