What sound was the first to cut Sizzla on Dub? Caveman you nuh, Caveman Hi-Power that would be the first one.

Where do you get your inspiration for your songs? The heaven and the earth, the whole fullness there of, People, Most High Jah, being a living being up on the earth and knowing what's right from wrong, you calculated the difference yuh nuh and express yourself.

What's do you see yourself doing five years from now? What's your vision for the future? I will be helping those I can and making music same way, if there is anything else I can do that contribute to the growth and betterment of humanity I will be doing such, but you know music is the roots and I will always be doing music, yuh nuh, encouraging the children to go to school and things like that, and can even further myself doing other business, but just to help people and humanity on a whole.

What kind of music do you listen to besides reggae music? Nyabinghi, that is first and foremost, the music we use to give praise to the most high Rastafari, mi listen soul, R & B, hip hop, to know what's going on, Jah is the word, the beginning is the word, and you got those artists saying a lot of things in their songs, so I got to listen to them also to know what is what, to know what is up. To know where are the children going, and how are they thinking, natural, it's a free will yuh nuh free vibes.

What do you do when you're not performing or making music? Yuh nuh, normally mi read, sometime mi have all a vibe wey mi see, and mi guh study up two subject, and sometimes just play some football, chant from the mountain, and more humble still.

How did you get the name Sizzla? Well, ah the old vibration the whole movements and the black power, yuh nuh, you see the sufferation and the poverty that come upon the people, InI have an in birth concept, that burning fire from within. People just call me Sizzla, Mr. Harris, Homer Harris start say, yeah man ah Sizzla you fi call him, cause him ah burn the fire, will mi nuh really go with nickname, but eventually the people them start say Sizzla, so mi say, mi ah guh mek music with the name. As time goes by, mi say Sizzla, it want one more, so mi say Kalonji, mi look in ah African book yuh nuh, and Kalonji means victorious, and mi did like the word so mi just say Sizzla Kalonji. Sizzla victorious, Sizzla is a fire burning, so mi derive with it, right name right nature.

If you weren't a Dancehall artist, what kind of occupation do you think you'd be doing right now I couldn't really just tell you that still, cause you done know life is a cycle, and InI a Rasta man same way, InI ah Engineer still, InI ah mechanic same way

I heard you was going to college is that true? InI have be over UTECH just seated for a year, to do some architecture thing, some biology, everything is a joy and it's a glory to really grasp the knowledge, to have a lot of knowledge, cause sometimes when you have the knowledge you can see further.

What qualities that you have do you think has contributed to your success as an artist? Qualities from the tabernacle, the throne room, Rasta man tabernacle, those principal teach InI so much things about life and InI self and humanity, that InI derive certain lifestyle, and produce certain qualities and some of those spread out in the music also due to the expression of own self and thing. Quality of being respectful of other person, you know you do what you can and not just live for ourselves, ah whole lot more things, Love on a whole.

Many Sizzla fans do not like the fact that you singing slack tunes, how do you feel about that? Well I don't feel no way you nuh, cause the people have a right to say what they want to say, but then again InI have the right fi start drop them tune pon the radio air waves, it's that like how we grow up in a system of sufferation we can't allow homosexual and lesbianism to take over, InI have the trumpet, so I just sound the trumpet and let them know sey we nuh like this yuh nuh, not because we don't really come too outspoken on that side, yuh fi know ah that create we still, it's just an expression of oneself said speed yuh nuh , InI maintain the cultural aspect natural same say, cause anything you see is apart of the culture same way, not that we going to become too board with it, but we have to speak at a time to know say, yeah that have to stand, so one can know say that's where we really at still, I don't really feel no way, I am not offended if the people say that.

What would you like to be remembered for? Just to live on the unity of the people, to keep the people unified, and concentrated on life as a whole, you have to respect yourself and respect other people, just remember I for the good I do, not just that I make myself better, but the good I do for everyone being much better.