Prince Pankhi

prince pankhi

Can you give us a some brief background information on Pankhi? Well, I am from Jamaica, as you know, but I am from Westmoreland in Jamaica. From growing up and listening to the music, I like the music and I just enjoyed singing the music. I was singing before I started doing this hardcore DJ thing. So you use to be a singer? Yes, but I love the vibe of the DJ. Eventually, I became like a singjay

What motivated you to become a dj? My bigger brother was a dj, and he didn't take it serious, but I take it to the other level. I take it serious. It's in me, if I even say I am not going to do it, it's like a vibe come to me, that say I have to do it. I can't ignore it, it's like I am ordain to do it.

How did you get the name Pankhi? Well, when I was just sighting up Rastafari, I change my name. It use to be Billy the Kid, when I was use to be a baldhead dj. When I sight up Rastafari I now, I got a name, Samaritan, like I am a Good Samaritan. I found out another dj had that name, Samaritan, so I was trying to find a name for myself that one else had out there. I was trying to get in the business, so I know I have to have a name, that's my name. I was living on the Nyabingi grounds, and I was reading a book, an Ethiopian book, and reading about all those great kings and there was a king that was name Pankhi. I checked out the meaning of Pankhi, Pankhi means son of the sun.

How long have you been in the business? I get in the business about 98 or about 99, that's when I record my first song and record a song all so with Capleton at that time.

So what was your first song? My first song was “ the Gideon must start â€Â . I been on a lot on compilations cds

How many albums do you have? Well this is my first album, but I have a lot of other singles.

So you were doing random singles? Yeah, that's what I was going first, but right now I get to put my music together now, so I can have an album. Many more is coming it's just the first one.

Where was the album recorded? I did it in New York, Mount Vernon, Bronx.

Who's on the album? The album features, Capleton, features Empress Michel, features Pretty Rich. I am from Capleton group, David House, he was like our leader and Empress Michel is an artist from Virginia, and her album is coming soon. Pretty Rich is the producer son, he is rapping on the mother song.

How long did it take you to do the album? Well, it didn't take me long, but it took the producer long to complete all the mixing, and mastering. I was fast, like five songs per day. The next one is coming soon still, but this one you got to do what you got to do for the next one to come (next album).

What was it like working with Capleton? It's joy, still, because that's what we use to everyday living in Jamaica. So when he come here, its like he long to see me and I long to see him and we long to work together so it was just fun. We like brothers.

On the album, what song you feel is going to be the one to take you where you want to go? Well you know it's so confusing to me right now because obviously I like that song and so many people have so many different songs they like. Sometimes it's more than one song, because I think “ Prince Pankhi â€Â is a nice song and also “ Golden Glory â€Â , many of them u see what I am saying, “ African Daughter â€Â , a lot of people like “ Blazing it â€Â , and the mommy song sound good, so I don't know.

So what's your favorite song on the album? My favorite song is “ Prince Pankhi â€Â .

Will you be touring? Yeah, I suppose to go to Jamaica next month with 93.5 FM from New York. They are having a cross over show in Jamaica. So invite me to travel with them.

Where in Jamaica is the show? I think in St. Thomas.

Besides the tour to Jamaica, are you on any shows in the states? Well, I suppose to be on some show in Tennessee, but I don't have a date yet, but it's in process. I am trying to put together the CD release party, the album release party. It's going to be on a Friday night but I don't know which club yet, but we'll get it together.

Any final thoughts? Anything you want the people to know about you? Well I want the people them to know that whenever I get the chance, that I am going to flood the people with a lot of message, a lot of good music, lot of positive music. That's the only thing I want to do from I was first born. Each and everyone just stay strong, hold their faith, never give up. In whatever you do.