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Where are you from? How long have you live in Virginia? I am originally from Hanover, Jamaica. In the US for 18 yrs, in VA 6+

When did you decide you wanted to become a reggae artist? Since childhood I knew I wanted to be an entertainer, I grew up and observed all the changes in the music in Jamaica, from Ska, to Rock Steady, to Reggae and the different aspects of Reggae music - Roots, lovers Rock, Dancehall

When was the first time you performed on stage? Where was it? I performed on stage at the age of 16 for the first time with a live band. This was at a concert at my high school - Rusea's High School, Lucea, Hanover, Jamaica. I was the lead vocalist. I performed in church and stuff like that before

How long have you been in the music business? I have been involved in music practically all of my life, so it is over twenty years ...started out singing and playing rhythm guitar in Ja, migrated to the US, played guitar and sang back up with a number of bands. Then lead sing for a number of groups, finally started writing my own lyrics, finally record and produce two albums...In 1997 I did an album for Guerney Man alongwith Biggs entitled "JAH GAVE US MUSIC". My first album was WORLD PEACE, and my latest release is "INDEPENDENCE"

What was your first single? My first single is still unreleased, it is entitled "JAH WILL BE WAITING" I will be releasing it on my next album.

What is the one piece of information you feel the masses should know about you more than anything else? I have faced many obstacles in the music business and I still do today. I will never give up, I will always write n produce positive music, never underestimate me and don't mistake my humility for weakness. I will not be denied ....Remember the hotter the battle, the sweeter the victory.

Who are some reggae artist that has influence your music? Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Delroy Wilson, Curtis Mayfield n the Impressions, and The Techniques

How do u define Reggae? What is Reggae to you, Bob Marley once said "reggae" is news", do u feel like it is news? Yes, I agree with Bob that Reggae is news, but it's more than that to me. Reggae is the message from the voices of people who otherwise would never be heard. To a great extent the message delivered by the artist, is the message from his environment and the convictions of the people in that environment. Bob also said REGGAE IS EARTHFORCE MUSIC, the pulse of Reggae beats with the rhythm of the earth.

How do u feel about the future of Reggae in Virginia? There are many good Reggae artists in VA, musicians and lyricists. From an artist / band standpoint ...there is a form of competition that is adversely affecting everyone financially. If you sell yourself cheap, people will always expect you to be cheap and treat you accordingly. We have to present a more united front, set minimum standards in terms of payment and the way we are treated. We have a product to sell or we are providing a service for which we should be adequately compensated. If we unite and net work properly, everything will be irie and Reggae will be "big" in VA.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years, I will have recorded another 3 albums including a live album. I will tour internationally to promote my music and spread the message of positivistic, peace, love and unity. At the end of five years I will be more involved in writing and producing younger artists.