We know you can't be every where!

Dance competition:
Hail family, we greet you with love as always. On an invitation from Love People’s PR person, Mr. Cool Virginia Reggae venture out to the Seven City face off. The event was held to decide which of five dancers is the best in our area was. The contestants were Sharee Attitude, Snake, Brit Brit, Meka Hype and Crazy Legs Senior. After a round of really exciting and energetic dancing, two dancers were left to battle for the championship. Meka Hype faced off with Crazy Legs. The face off left the audience with a hard decision but finally Crazy Legs was named the winner. Now it did not end there, as we later found out via the movements radio show with Quick Draw and Jersey Goodas (88.1fm).

We discovered that after a recheck of the tallied scores, Meka hype had won the completion. The promoters (Sean Linja and Mr. Cool) along with Meka Hype herself took time to explain what had happened, the night before. Crazy Legs Senior also made it clear that he was aware of what had happened and was quite ok with the award being granted to Meka Hype. It was a great completion and deserves to have this positive end with both dancers willing to do what they did to settle the outcome. These dancers are skilled enough to bring their brand of dance moves to the big screen. The judges for the competition were Bad Joe from the Caribbean Shakedown, aired on 102.9fm (103 jamz), Shelly Sell off (Richmond Dancehall Queen) and April Donavan.

Carnival Time again:
It’s Carnival time again. Carnival, like Reggae, is a part of Caribbean culture. As usual we will be playing our part to help our Carnival in Norfolk Virginia, prosper. We ask that you participate in this aspect of Caribbean culture. There must be something within the festivities that has something positive for you. We will be volunteering as we do yearly and for the first time we will be associated with a troop of masKaraIDerS. We have limited slots for you if you wish to join us at the 2009 Caribfest. See you there.


Community Service Award:
Here is a picture of the award we received from West Indies United. This is as much yours as it is ours. We wanted you to see what you have achieved and promise to cherish this award and to keep it safe. This award means a lot.

Picnics in the park:
Two weekends ago we had a chance to get out, get some sun and spend some time with two of the area’s Caribbean organizations. On Saturday, VCACA (the carnival people) held in Hampton Va. This was their way of celebrating Caribbean Heritage month which is June. On the next day (Sunday) we attended and we privileged to be the DJ’s at West Indies United’s annual Father’s day picnic, in Norfolk Va. All we can say is, “GOOD TIMES”.

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