Virginia Reggae Awards Theme Song

To launch the Virginia Reggae awards this year, we thought it would be cool to have a theme song affiliated with the award season.  You know, some nice music playing while you watch/listen to the promo for the 3rd Annual Virginia Reggae Awards! There is one problem though, playing instruments is not our specialty.

So, at this point we were wondering, if you, individual instrumental player or band would be as excited as we are about the idea, and make a two (2) minute theme song for the awards?  You will be credited anytime we use the theme song.  We would like the vibe of the music to reflect reggae in some way though!  We would really like your help with this!  Thanks.

p.s:  Our last choice would be to pick a random piece of music.  If we receive more than one, we may have to come back here and ask you guys to help us decide which one fits the vibe best.  It would be awesome if we could get the music by the time the awards selection process begins on Monday, 23rd November 2009.