Virginia Reggae Awards this Saturday May 4th

Mill Point Parks comes to life this Sat for the 6th Annual Virginia Reggae Awards. The awards are hosted by This year’s lineup has many Veterans Entertainers along with some of the new comers who are steadily making names for themselves worldwide. Although the main focus of the event is the actual awards, there are FREE Kids activities such Bouncy house plus food and merchandising on sale. The schedule is listed below. Please note the awards presentation times. There is still time to vote. Voting ends 1 day before the awards.

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May 4 @Mill Point Park
100 Eaton St  Hampton, VA (12pm - 10pm)

Free For all Ages , Children Activities, Caribbean Food & Live Reggae Music

performances by No Dreads,King Ajamu w/ Kings In Transit , Ras Puma , Stuck On A Name, Machet Reggae Band, Meagan Simone,
United Souls Band, Will Bowditch, Dread Lock Robot, Mighty Joshua, RastaMiles, Eastman, EVER G, Iron Lion, The Tonahope Band, Scrue, The Beets Collective, Robert Davis ,Israel, Gong Royal, Saggi Earthtones, Matt Lockhart and Micha Fox, Queenahhartz, Emanuell Wildfire Wilson, DJ Cool Mo, ,Sean Petersen Exp  , Black Starliner Sound

Hosted by Sista Kerri, George Michailow, Ravenous Spirit & Cree Michelle

Awards Presentation times

1:25-1:40 Awards Presented: Awards given: Promoter/Producer/Sound System 
2:36-2:46 Awards Presented: Awards given: Ambassador/New Artist/Media) 
4:16-4:26 Awards Presented: Favorite New Artist/ Favorite song/ Favorite Album) 
5:35-5:40 Awards presented: Favorite Band (Last Award)


12:00 Official start with DJ Cool Mo/ Black Starliner
12:00- DJ/Host/
12:40- 12:55 Weapons of Mass Construction
12:45- 1:00 Queenahhartz 
1:05-1:25 Rasta Miles 
1:40-1:55 Emmanuel Wilson 
2:00-2:13 Robert Davis
2:15-2:35 Sean Petersen Exp
2:47-3:07 Dreadlock Robot  
3:08-3:23 Matt & Micah
3:23-3:43 Stuck on a Name
3:45-4:00 Saggi Earthtones 
4:01-4:16 EVER G 
4:26-4:46 United Souls
4:48-5:00 Israel 

5:03-5:13 Willpower Bowditch 
5:15-535 Beets Collective 
5:41-5:51 Eastman 
5:52-6:02 Gong Royal 
6:03-628 King Ajamu/Kings in Transit 
6:30-6:45 Iron Lion 
6:47-7:07 No Dreads 
7:10-7:25 Scrue
7:26-7:41 Meagan Simone 
7:45-8:10 Machet 
8:10-8:30 Sound System/ DJ
8:30-8:50 Ras Puma 
9:00-9:20 Mighty Joshua (Band) 
9:25-9:50 Ton A Hope Band 
9:50-10:00 DJ/ End