Virginia Reggae Awards

Press release: presents the Virginia Reggae Awards

Five (5) years ago was created with a mission to cover everything relating to reggae in Virginia. Meanwhile, keeping a window open to ensure that the "roots" of reggae maintain it's rightful position in the fore front! This is evident in the sites motto, “No fruits without the roots!”

The encompassed years have been wonderful, thanks to those of you who continue to render support. On Thursday 15th November 2007 Virginia Reggae launched another project: The Virginia Reggae Awards. The idea for the Virginia Reggae Awards was tossed around for the last couple of years and now with much excitement and hard work, officially launched! The criteria which dictate how the awards are to be presented are laid out at

While the process begins this November (2007), the award ceremony will not occur until 10th May 2008. If you are an artist a promoter, producer, sound system, media, writer, musician, singer or just someone with a passion for reggae scene in Virginia, then this awards show is about you! You can spread the word!