In The Newz: Biggs Fest and Lady Cham

Biggs and Lady Cham

Hey good people, we have been super busy with parenthood but we are still here. A lot has transpired over the last few months. As you may know by now, Vincent "Biggs" James of Session Rockers is hospitalized. Lady Cham of and radio program, Caribbean Connection, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

There are two events being planned in support of these two members of the Virginia Reggae community. Biggs fest is November 6, 2010 and Run Weh di Cansa Oct 29, 2010. We hope for a speedy recovery in both cases.

On a brighter note, there are two major events coming in 2011. The 4th Annual Virginia Reggae Awards season will kick off on 29th November 2010,the actual award show will be on 14th May, 2011.

The Buckroe Reggae Festival is slated for early Spring (19th March 2011).