Life Of A Musician: January 10, 2011

Greetings Brothers and Sisters. Peanut here once again. Well I played with my other project, Corey Harris & The Rasta Blues Experience (1/08/2011) at The Ellington in Lynchburg Va.

It was a blessful day from the start. Got alot done early so i could clear up my mind and focus on the show we had later. Jayson met up with me at my house around 1pm and we packed up my gear and drove over to Charlottesville to meet Corey and Saxman Jones. Reached over there and we hailed each other up and packed up the van and drove on down to Lynchburg. Had a scheduled 4pm load in so we had to move quick.Reached right at 4pm and loaded in the gear and looked around.

The Ellington was in a old theater from the early 1900's. Had alot of vibes in there. Looked on the wall of all the artist who played there. Very very nice.
Anyway after looking around a bit i put up the backdrop and set up my gear and we waited till the sound man was ready for us to sound check.

We went over a few songs and tighten up some endings and headed to the hotel to check in.Ordered some Chinese food and had just enough time to eat and change clothes and get back over to the venue.

Reached and the place was totally packed. Looked sold out . Always a great feeling and thing to see. I got with the merchandise people and set up the merch booth and headed backstage to get Corey ready for his solo portion of the night. The vibe in the house was irie and they where ready to have a good time by all the noise they where making. The MC got onstage and brought on Corey to a standing ovation. Corey performed for a half hour. Wicked set of acoustic blues and great vocals. Crowd loved it.

As he called us on stage the crowd stood up again as we got situated and went right into Redemption Song featuring Gordon Saxman Jones. Saxman Jones had the crowd in his hands as they cheered and clapped as he gave his jazz rendition of Bob Marley's classic song. Right after that we went into the show intro right into Santoro. The dance floor got packed quick as the people got out there seats to have a good time.

Look At You off the blu black album was up next followed by Esta Loco.Corey and The Rasta Blues Experience was in full swing and sounding great as it showed by the crowds response. E blues blew the house down featuring wicked solos by Saxman Jones and Corey Harris.

Mami Wata was up next paying tribute to New Orleans right into Sista Rose. The people was having a great time listening to the vast diversity of the band and how we go in and out of different genres of music.The came the Reggae part of the show. We started out the medley with Cleanliness off the Zion Crossroads album into Babylon Walls into The Ark Of The Covenant and last Sweatshop. The people was screaming and yelling as they thought they where on vacation in the islands having fun. Ha Ha. It was fun to watch from the stage.

After Corey chatted with the crowd for a second we went into More precious Than Gold off the Daily Bread album. Next up was Better Way a ska tune that is guaranteed to have you on your feet.Next up was A blues that had all the blues fans on the floor dancing and having a good time. 5x5 and Hiding Place came next and the dance floor stayed packed as the people showed there appreciation for the music. Ended the night with the blues song Bumble Bee right into Baseheads off the Greens In The Garden Cd. Featuring Corey on the Lap Steel moving the people.

As we came off stage to a standing ovation they kept yelling for more. Corey went back up and did two solo blues songs and the people loved it.

It was a bless night in Lynchburg. Big Up for all the vibes. Hope to come back and do it again. Blessings until next time Peanut.