Life Of A Musician

Greetings Brothers and Sisters. Peanut here once again.Stable Roots backed up Ever-G up last night(1/3.2011) at Martini Kitchen in Richmond Va.

The day started out for me resting my back from injury last week.Practiced alittle bit and then it was time to head out to Charlottesville VA. to meet Greg Ward(Guitarist/Bassist) and Brent Finlen(Drummer). Got there around 6pm and we loaded up and drove on down to Richmond. Got there round 7pm and unloaded and set up. Ras Mel who is setting in with us was already there. Hailed him up and reasoned for a few as we ate some fish and salad. Gordon Saxman Jones came in as we got done eating and was getting ready to sound check.

At sound check we went over some of the songs for tonight since Greg was setting in for Jayson(Bass Player) for the night.Steal My Joy , Rockfort Rock and Swing Easy we went over. Sounded good.During sound check Ever G walked in and we went back into Steal My Joy and he sang it to check his mic.

The vibe in the house was irie as people was filling in early.Went over and set up the computer for the live stream feed off Talked with DJ, Iyon and Av Vidal WAAP as they sat up.

Soon it was time for the show. Started out the night with 2 instrumentals,first up was Rockfort Rock right into Swing Easy Riddim.Featuring solos by Ras Mel and Saxman Jones.The crowd loved that as we went right into the show intro for Ever G. First song up was Stir It Up which had the crowd singing and dancing along. The first set was high energy with Ever G working the crowd and having a good time. We did a mixture of originals and cover songs.. Some of the originals where Let Jah Music Play,True To Myself,Independence and World Peace to name a few. Some of the covers where Waiting In Vain, Cool Off The Vibes,It's Me Again Jah, Hypocrites. All the tunes had the crowd dancing and enjoying themselves.

At set break i got to reason with alot of the bredren and sistren in the place.Yellomoon was in the house, Ras Anatole was in the house,Ras Nate,DJ Williams, Brother Phillip,Chuckie Youth to name a few. Always good to see the elders and the roots posse come forward. I got to big up Joe Blunt Bailey in the house as well and he brought the Djembe and sat in with us on percussion along side my boy from Antero Jake aka The Mayor.

By the time we was starting the second set the place got more crowded and the people was ready for some more live reggae music. Started out with Loves Got A Hold On Me, got the dance floor packed immediately.Ever G sometimes sounds just like Dennis Brown. Love & Hate was up next. Then Ever G brought up Ras Anatole to do War that rocked the house.Followed by original tunes Mission and Life. I must say the highlight for me the second set was when we went into No Woman, No Cry featuring Ras Mel on guitar sounded just like the Live version we all here of that song. Ras Mel did every guitar lick. The crowd loved it. Night nurse was up next right into the last song of the night which was One Love that had the whole place on the dance floor and dancing and singing along.

After the show we packed up and reasoned with everyone for awhile and then headed on home. I just want to say Big Up Richmond you large , you are now officially the Home of Stable Roots. Until next time Bless. Peanut