The last few weeks were really exciting for us.

The last few weeks were really exciting for us. 

Last week we passed by Virginia reggae recording artist, Israel and Emperor Sounds video shoot. The shoot was partially done at NY Styling barber shop, which is owned by Linja of Love People Sound. This video shoot was handled by the crew at Slam DVD. Here are a few pictures and video of the event. Great works are coming out of VA.

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Sleepy Wonder left town and returned triumphantly with Thievery Cooperation, live in concert. It was great to see the artist take the stage as he usually does. Sleepy Wonder was awesome. The show had great light effects, which is not normal for most reggae acts. We wish to thank Sleepy Wonder for allowing us the chance to see him do what he does best. Watch Video Clip


A few weeks ago we also saw a band with Virginia roots visit the Hampton Roads area. If you missed it, they are scheduled to return in December. We are speaking about S.O.J.A. We invite you to go out and feel the home grown reggae vibes they bring. The U.S and especially Virginia reggae acts have been sharpening their skills and at this point many have done a wonderful job with reggae music. S.O.J.A is one of those bands, who is mastering the art of playing roots reggae music with a little bit of American feel to the mix. Reggae is truly international.

We sat down with Futuristic to get some insight on what he was about and what he brings to the reggae community. Please check out the interview. It is very informative. Watch out for this artist.