Katrice to Co-host The 4th Annual Virginia Reggae Awards

We are please to announce that Katrice, from Slam Video Magazine, will co-host the 4th annual Virginia Reggae Awards.

KatriceKatrice is how most know her - a combination of her mama's first & middle names... And sometimes will introduce herself as "Tricey Trice, so nice, u have to say it twice", a nickname given by a close friend. Her vibes can be described as an Irie Ras Child, however the title of "Video Lady" is how she is known in the Reggae and Dancehall scene.

From the time she picked up the camera years ago to start chronicling Virginia's Caribbean musical and cultural influences, it was never imagined that today because of her efforts, Virginia's artists and dancers alike would reach a much wider international audience and help put VA on the map as a source of quality and substance.

S.L.A.M. (Streets, Life, Arts, Music) is the company that became her vehicle for video promotions, from music videos, to live concerts, to commercials and everything in between. Each videoshoot is taken serious and she takes much pride in her work. Never having formally studied to be a videographer, web or graphic designer, the skills accounted for certainly come from the heart, and a determined spirit, using eagle eye precision to get things 'just' right to reflect the feel and mood of the artist and what is being portrayed. These skills combined with the multi-talented Producer/Director, Yorle, has come together, getting stronger everytime, and as a result, the voters of the Virginia Reggae Awards have granted the category of 'Best Media' to them 3 years in a row, and in the running again for a 4th year.

"Really, its a love for the people and their genius, appreciation of the various Caribbean cultures that abound, and an opportunity for me to make a difference and share it with the world", she says that keeps S.L.A.M.'s Video Lady unceasing in her visual craftwork.