The Jewish Mother Transplant Benefit

as some of you may know, the co-owner of The Jewish Mother and life long Virginia Beach resident Scotty Miller has recently had to put his life on hold due to kidney failure. Going to dialysis three days a week, constant trips to the emergency room and his deteriorating health was taking a heavy toll on his body and spirits. A kidney transplant would be his way out, however the waiting list was going to be no less than 5 years, and Scotty’s doctors only gave him 2 years to live. His future was looking grave. That is until his son Ricky, decided it was time to step up to the plate. After a few tests Ricky was cleared to be his father’s donor and to give the ultimate gift. On April 15th 2008 Ricky Miller saved his father’s life by donating his kidney.

A kidney transplant procedure is not something that one recuperates from immediately. The doctors usually say the donor is the one who actually feels the most pain and has a longer recovery more so than the recipient. Because of this, Ricky has been having a tough time financially and getting back on his feet after having to take a few months off of work. A fundraiser is being held at The Jewish Mother to help Scotty's son pay a portion of his bills along with donating a major portion to the National Kidney Foundation. I am writing to invite your business to donate an item or gift certificate for the charity auction. The benefit will be held on Saturday, June 28, 2008 from 4pm-12am. The event will feature live entertainment from many local artists who wish to donate their time to The Jewish Mother. The Jesse Chong Band will headline the event. Other artists include The Incognito Brothers, Doc Robin & Friends, Suzy Taylor, Snuff, The Blues Exchange, Robin Welch, & The Bobby Blackhat Band.

This event is going to be covered by all local media including television, magazines, websites, radio, etc. both before and after the event. We will be designing promotional advertisement to where we can include you name as a sponsor of the event. Please submit your business name, donation type, and when it can be delivered to the Jewish Mother, to if you wish to contribute anything to the cause.

All contributions to Ricky Miller or The National Kidney Foundation are tax-deductible Please know that all contributions you make will positively impact The National Kidney Foundation. I will follow up with you within the next two weeks to discuss your possible donation. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of our request.