IWayne in Virginia Beach


On July 5th, 2013 an epic event took place at Montego’s Caribbean Restaurant on Newtown Road in Virginia Beach VA. A collective effort on behalf of Bigmill Productions and Virginia Reggae brought forth the hottest artists out of Portmore , Jamaica : I-Wayne.

The crowd began gathering at around 10PM. The air was filled with anticipation and joy, knowing that the stage would be graced by a Kingman who sings of positivity, peace, real life events, truth and rights and just overall goodness.

Tunes ah flow, thanks to Seko Blackstarliner and DJ Badjoe, who always know how to appeal to any crowd with roots reggae, dancehall, soca, calypso and overall culture vibes. Kings and Queens in attendance broke bread over great food and drinks and enjoyed the music from both inside Montego’s as well as outside on the patio. The breeze came through just like a blessing.

The announcement was made that I-Wayne had entered the building and less than ½ hour later he graced InI with his ilaful presence. Adorned in Ethiopian colors and a series of beautifully hand-crafted ANKH jewelry (he later told I that they were made from coconut shells), he began to entrance us with both new and old tunes such as Living In Love, Lava Ground, Book of Live, Life Seeds, & Free The People.

I-Wayne truly appealed to all the Queens and Empresses in attendance. He has a way of making ones feel good about being a wombman and encouraged us to be strong Mamas in order to raise a strong nation. He literally serenaded one of the Sistren there and her face told it all! Pure bliss. J

After a non-stop performance lasting over an hour, I-Wayne sealed the night up with Can’t Satisfy Her. This tune made the whole place go wild!!! One of my favorites as well, and he delivered it with passion and fiyah!

I-Wayne heartically accepted offers to take pictures with the ones who came forward to hail him up. He moved humbly through the crowd and displayed a most royal demeanor.

I reasoned with him briefly after the show and he told me that he hadn’t been to VA for about 4 years. I informed him that on behalf of all ones in the 757, he is ALWAYS welcomed to return. InI love his sound, his being and his works. HOTTA vibes a come to Montego’s!!! Lava!!!

Rastafari Love,

Sistah Kerri