Inna Di Newz: Sleepy Wonder, Bukwi, Badjoe, Tuff Lion


The last time we spoke with Sleepy Wonder we were presenting him with a Virginia Reggae award for favorite producer. Well, we have been told that Sleepy Wonder and his musicals partners (Thievery Corporation) created major hype and frenzy at a recent taping of an upcoming edition of Austin City Limits.

It wasn't his production skills at work this time, it was his chanting skills. The airing date for the recording is unknown at this time but you can bet we will be looking forward to seeing this Virginia based reggae artist rock Austin City Limits. Sleepy continues to prove that he is a one of a kind reggae artist. It's no accident that the latter part of his moniker is Wonder! Jr. Gong was the last Reggae artist we saw on Austin city limits. The show was magnificent. Here is the set list:

  • “Sound the Alarm”
  • “Facing East”
  • “OMID (Hope)” (featuring Loulou)
  • “Lebanese Blonde” (featuring Sista Pat)
  • “Shadows of Ourselves” (featuring Loulou)
  • “Sol Tapado Iowvoxbass” (featuring Karina)
  • “Guitar Liberation” (featuring Roots, Z, Sleepy Wonder)
  • “Orginalality (Tour Mix)” (featuring Sista Pat, Sleepy Wonder)
  • “New Seu Jorge song (Tour Mix)”
  • “38.45” (featuring Roots, Z)
  • “Illuminantion”
  • “Exillo (Exile)” (featuring Karina)
  • “The Heart’s a Lonely Hunter” (featuring Frank)
  • “Radio Retaliation” (featuring Sleepy Wonder, Sista Pat)
  • “Assault on Babylon” (featuring Roots, Z)
  • “Warning Shots” (featuring Roots, Z, Sleepy Wonder)
  • “Pontedalanca” (featuring Seu Jorge)
  • “Richest Man in Babylon” (featuring Roots, Z, Sleepy Wonder, Sista Pat)
  • “Coming from the Top” (featuring Roots, Z, Sleepy Wonder)
  • “Marching the Hate Machines (Into the Sun)” (featuring Frank)

Big Ups: Check out the latest Video by Bukwi. The song is called “ Change di world”. Give it a listen/ view.

Dj Bad Joe: The ace dj himself gave us a copy of the latest mix cd from V.P. Records. It's a Summer sampler mix with some major Reggae, Dancehall and Soca artists. The big deal with this cd is, it was mixed by Va's own Bad Joe.

Tuff Lion: Ten Strings album by Tuff Lion has been released. It is a collection of Igrade music with Tuff Lion performing magic with his guitar.