I Grade is di Highest Grade

The summer Reggae tours are over, so now it is time for the fall shows! On Monday (29th Sept 08), we experienced the I Grade show case. What a treat! The mother of the tour: Mada Nile was enough to warrant us calling this show extremely exciting! We feel comfortable saying, that anyone who missed it missed something special! We won’t rub it in but, this is one lioness you have to experience live!

This is not to say that the other artist were not as great, because, if you were there, you would know that we would be doing an injustice to even imply such a thing. NiyoRah, Abja, Danny I and Virginia’s own Tuff Lion were simply magnificent. As Tuff stated during his set,” this may be a comedy club, but there is nothing funny here tonite”. Cozzys is a comedy club in Newport News (thanks for allowing this show to happen at such short notice, 4 days to be exact). Black Culture (another Virginia based artist) was invited to render a song. His performance was remarkable!

Before these artists graced the stage, with their uplifting and powerful performances, the path was smoothed over by an opening band called the Prisoners. The Prisoners are a home grown reggae band, and we all know that Home Grown productions, be it food or music is of the highest quality! When the time permits, we invite you to go and check out the Prisoners! Look out for them in our next Home Grown mix on Virginia Reggae Radio. Resident sound system Black StarlineR (di R fi Rasta) provided the early and intermission music.

PS: If you are a D.J, radio personality, selector or someone looking for something fresh and relevant to these times please go out and pick up one of these above artist albums. We assure you that you will not be disappointed, because I Grade is di Highest Grade, right ya now!

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