Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all of you from us at VirginiaReggae.com. We trust that your expereinces in 2008 were rewarding! We wish you the best in 2009. A special thank you to all who took time to support our efforts. We truely appreciate you. Please continue to support those or events that elevates our communities and our personnal lives.

At this very moment the Virginia Reggae awards are in progress and hope that each of you will take some time to participate in the only award show where Virginia Reggae acts are honored for their works.

Once again we thank you for your time and energy.

From the Staff of Virginia Reggae

On a diffrent note: Homelessness!!!

This holiday season, I would like you to remember those less fortunate than ourselves. At this very moment some members of our human family are without homes, food to eat or even clothes to wear.

Starting 25th December 2008, I will attempt to bring a little more attention to the homeless situation all around us by running! I am not a professional runner but homelessness is one of those things that affect me deeply.

My intent is run seven (7) marathons in seven (7) days, one in each of the seven (7) cities that make up Hampton Roads (My current home town). Some of you may have already seen me running with a sign on my clothing that says milesforthehomeless.com (see website and video). For those who may encounter me on the roads, please look out for my safety as I will be doing this alone. I am always open for a running partner to help me make it.

Pray for my feet (ha, ha, ha) but most of all, please, please remember the HOMELESS!

What do I need from you?
Any contribution you make to one of the sites listed at www.milesforthehomeless.com would do plenty to assist the homeless. There are countless people helping the homeless that may not be listed on milesforthehomeless.com, please send us the link after you make a contribution to them!


Thanks for helping the homeless!

  • Wed. 25th Dec. 08 - Newport News
  • Thu. 26th Dec. 08 - Hampton
  • Fri. 27th Dec. 08 - Suffolk
  • Sat. 28th Dec. 08 - Norfolk
  • Sun. 29th Dec. 08 - Portsmouth
  • Mon. 30th Dec. 08 - Chesapeake
  • Tue. 31st Dec. 08 - Virginia Beach

I will try my best to start all runs at 6 am.

Signed: Reggae Runner