Did the medikation do it for your meditashun?

Did you get what you needed? Did you receive the musical medication needed to set your meditation right? Home Grown 2 is all history now and we at Virginia Reggae would like to say thank you. In no specific order we want to thank those who helped us get the word out. You guys made it happen. We want to thank the D.J's, JerseyGoodas, D.J Cool Mo, Precepts with Jahboo and Troy, Fuller Roots with K.P and Black Starliner with Carlita and Seko, for their unique contribution to Home Grown 2.

We would like to say a special thank you to the Management and staff of Tonic's for allowing us to use their facility. If you were at the session you already know that we all really really appreciated you being there. We know you could have been anywhere but you chose to be at HG 2. To those who were there as part of the team, you must know that without you none of this would be possible. To our engineer and our door personnel we say Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here are a few pictures of the DJ's at work. If you notice anyone missing, please forgive us. Someone got soooo caught up in the vibration of Home Grown 2 and we couldn't really take a picture of ourselves playing! Well it's over now and we have to start planning the next Virginia Reggae session. Please keep checking in to find out when and where it will be. Thanks!

ps: While our focus was on the DJ's, we cannot forget the chanters who took time to showcase their talents! There were a few of our Virginia celebrities at HG 2, we thank you for supporting the d.j's who will in turn support your efforts.

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