In Da Newz

sleepySpring brings an aura of things being new again.  Fresh tender leaves, flowers and well of course the Virginia Reggae Awards, but before we say anything else about that let us remind you about a few exciting happenings in Virginia.

Sleepy Wonder's album, Injustice will be released tomorrow ( 21st April 09).   There will be at least one song on the album that will move you in a positive way and in turn cause you to support Sleepy, by making a purchase.  

On May 2nd,  a panel will meet at Mingles in Richmond, Virginia to discuss the impact of Dancehall Reggae music on individuals.

24 hour run

As is now custom, Virginia Reggae represented at the 6 annual 24 hour run, in Hampton Va on April 18 - 19.  This year Seko improved on his milage by covering a total of 75 miles total.  The effort was two fold, as each mile ran helped to raise money($450) for West Indies United, to be used for the building and scholarship fund and to bring attention to homelessness.

14-15th August are the dates for VCACA's Caribbean Carnival.   

By now you would have memorized the date and picked out the gear for the 2nd Annual Virginia Reggae Awards. The date is 16th May 2009 for those who have just learned about the award show that is totally about Virginia Reggae entertainers. 

We end by saying a special thank you to everyone who take time to inform others about the V.R.A's.  The V.R.A's would not be possible without your will to see good works prosper.