Coronation Day/ Election day ilabration!


2nd November 2008 (Sunday), we will be celebrating seventy eight years since H.I.M was crowned. That moment came at a time when we as a people were struggling with colonialism amongst other things. That was a spring board moment in our history.

The image of King and Queen, Rasta being crowned, has given many of us something to be proud of. While we did not witness it personally, the images of that day has served us well. We have to give thanks for the people who recorded that prestigious event. Today we are fortunate to live at a time when we can witness another event which can serve as another spring board.

Two days after Coronation day, we get a chance to do something, that we and our future generations can use as another spring board. We will be celebrating both events with a Roots & Culture Reggae Session at Tonics in Va Beach. There will be a live performance by one of the areas hardest working new artist, Bukwi. Bukwi have a great song formated to celebrate what many hope will be the changes we need in these times.

Music starts at 8 p.m sharp with Black StarlineR (R for Rasta) and friends (KP of Fulleroots and Culture Lion of Lion Tribe sounds). We would like to celebrate with you on sunday, 2nd Nov 08. Bring di image wid you, a flag, wear di t shirt or whateva. Bring di image iya!