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Three days ago i was asked to be a commentator at this forum.  I thought about the question and I immediately knew what I would say.  

The question we are dealing with is radio DJ's, soundmen & promoters contribute to the current state of dancehall music and the image of Jamaica. 

I would say YES, because we all have free will.

Five years ago I gave up listening to any music that had violent or sexually explicit lyrics.  It was my choice that i do not regret, and looking back I am glad I took a stand and said no more.  Everyone has that choice.  We can choose to change.  Change is hard and sometimes people will turn away from you because of it, but if there is to be progress we must change.    

I don't believe any  particular group is responsible for the state of dancehall music, We all have  choice.  You can choose to focus of the negative or seek the things that are positive. 

And I quote Gandhi "Be the change you want to see in the world.".

My question to the radio dj on the plan is
Do you feel compel to play what you think the people want to hear or do you exercise your right to choose.

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