Buckroe Beach Reggae Festival 2012

Buckroe Beach Festival 2012 In its second year, Buckroe Beach Reggae Fest’s music, Caribbean foods, and various crafts have become anticipated signs that summer and its festival season is about to spark. Flocking from the farthest stretches of the region, reggae lovers know that the BBRF will offer a break from months of indoors music events. There’s nothing wrong with indoors music, but there’s also nothing like stretching under the clouds as bass-heavy tunes intertwine with the air we breathe.

Royal Nyahbinghi Drummers and local favorites, Nature’s Child, set a firm foundation for a day of musical meditation. Although the day held a constant threat of wind and rain, the crowd held strong through most of the bands. Bimini Road’s funky reggae was a treat before switching to a more surf-minded vibration for “San Juan Bay,” and a final high-stepping “Gravity.” The day’s reggae styles were diverse, but equally amazing.

Antero took the stage and dropped into a roots-heavy gear with trumpet harmonies leading sappy dubs that are hard not to sway to. Iron Lion’s time on stage featured Session Rockers’ own Vincent James on the guitar, with Ever-G joining for a vocal session at the end of their set. Band after band, the crowd certainly had nothing but reason to celebrate.
As Destination Zion’s set approached, the sky finally decided to fall. Wet heads convinced much of the crowd to run home, but there were plenty of devoted fans who decided that wind and water was nothing to fear. Featuring more jam-oriented tunes, Destination Zion’s set was a change of pace that lead into another switch through the punk-tinged jams of No Dreads. The remaining audience crowded the stage for shelter from the storm, while the bands played on.

As the wind picked up, it was admittedly tough to stand in front of the stage, when the promise of a warm car was parked only steps away. That said, it would have been even tougher to walk away from the band I truly wanted to see on this particular day. Bambu Station was up next, and nothing was going to drive me away from that experience. Bambu Station, joined by Jah Trippa on guitar duties, was a blessing to behold. Solid professionals at their craft, their passion to create and spread a word of positivity is undeniable.
A select few hung around for a final nyahbinghi session, but Buckroe Beach Reggae Festival 2012, storm and all, was a day to remember for all of those who attended throughout the day. All one can do is wonder what 2013 might bring. One thing’s for sure - once summer is on its way, BBRF must be coming too, and such a spirit of unity and love is always a welcome season.

article written by Jeremy Sanchez