Broken Community! Come we fix it!


We have already taken the first step towards solving the issue. You may be wondering how we stomped this hurdle so fast, well this is what we have done. We have collectively acknowledged that their is a tear in the community.

Dat dun!

The next step is the easiest hurdle to step over. We should at this very moment take individual responsibility for not fostering the environment that would have prevented the fracture. Each of us, at some time or another have inserted some of the venomous issues that keeps us torn. At the moment we inserted our brand of poison, it may have seemed like nothing (to us) at that moment or some how it was justified as the correct thing to do, but it was just enough to make the rip bigger.

Dig this!

Let us use one aspect of our music as an example. When we play music that encourages us to hate those that hate us, we are already planting seeds of ill towards each other. The ugly words embedded with lovely beat does not simply float into one ear and out the next. It connects on some level, no matter how miniscule may at some time make itself known.

Our music should reflect the best of us, our achievements, our future goals, the beauty of our people, inside and out. It should offer us solutions to our daily struggles. It should not degrade or belittle any of us in anyway shape or form. Music is a common bond and can be used to unite us as one. If there was a change in the music we endorse, there would be a change in our attitudes toward each other. Ok, so we have offered one likkle solution or one stitch to help sew up the whole piece ah fabric. What other solution do you offer? Pick up di neegle and mek a stitch!