Big Reggae Festival at Buchroe Beach

Buckroe Beach Reggae Fest

Big Reggae Festival, this weekend, in Hampton Virginia! A first of it's kind on the Peninsula and most importantly it will be held on the Beach. If you have ever been to this area then you know why this is the ideal place for the Buckroe Beach Reggae Festival. The festival starts at 11 am and goes until 10 p.m. 

There will be vendors serving up foods and beverages and vendors selling various merchandises. A skate park will be set up on the pier. This is sure to add to the excitement for the young skaters!

No festival is complete without a line up of performers and this first ever Buckroe Beach Reggae Festival has attracted some very talented reggae artists. The head liner is Tuff Lion who resides in Hampton, he has toured extensively and will finally be able to play a festival in his back yard! The lineup also boasts the likes of veteran singer EVER G, United Souls Band, Session Rockers, TonAhope, Destined Nation, Christopher Puma and Stable Roots.

According to the the schedule of events, Stable Roots, one of the most sort after backing bands will be opening the festivities with Christopher Puma. Puma is a new artist who has garnered much attention for his stage performances. While he is the opening act, we assure you that he will set a high standard for all the others to follow.

We at Virginia Reggae are absolutely filled with excitement about the Buckroe Beach Reggae festival. A special thank you to all of the wonderful people who has made it possible. Many of these artist and bands have been nominated for a Virginia Reggae Award in the past and some are currently eligible for the 2011 awards. This award season ends with the ceremony on 14th May in downtown Hampton Va. You can vote at
See you on the beach