Big Changes for the 2017 Awards

We have listened to your recommendations over the last ten (10) years and we have added some of the categories that you have suggested. We hope that you will continue to invest in the talented women, men and children of Virginia Reggae.

The 2017 Theme will be dramatically different, it will include as many individuals as possible. These individuals form the collective known as Virginia Reggae.

Fav Band
Fav Drummer
Fav Artist
Fav Guitar player
Fav Album
Fav Keyboard Player
Fav Song
Fav MC(Dancehall/Sound system)
Fav New Artist
Fav Media
Fav Bass player
Fav D.J
Fav Producer
Fav Promoter
Fav Sound System
Fav Horn section
Fav Venue
Fav Back up Singer(s)
Fav Event Host
Fav Acoustic
Fav Annual Event
Fav Engineer
Lifetime Achievement(minimum of 15 years service to communinity)

We welcome all positive feedback.

No Fruits Without The Roots.