The 2013 Buckroe Beach Reggae Festival, Sweet Sounds, Great Weather

Buckroe Beach FestBuckroe Beach Fest

Like the old saying goes, there is strength in numbers and clearly the turnout for the 3rd annual festival produced a record breaking number of Reggae Lovers and Peaceful Participants. Organizers brought forward a wide array of artists to pleasure the crowd, activities for the whole family, an abundance of vendors and their efforts to make this one of the largest Festivals yet, did not go unnoticed.

Destined Nation, United Souls, Session Rockers, Machet, Antero, TonaHope , Jahworks, and Culture featuring Kenyatta Hill all blessed up the stage throughout the day long event that was hosted by DJ Quickdraw, who woo’d the crowd between sets, making for great audience participation and smooth transitions.

The bands all brought forth exciting energy, smiles and sweet, sweet music. So much could and should be said about the talent and excellence found within these bands. The love from the crowd was constant and the love for the crowd was emulated. The high energy led to the highly anticipated performance of Kenyatta Hill with Culture.

Though no stranger to VA, having performed in Norfolk and Richmond in the past few years; Kenyatta, the son of Joseph Hill of Culture is nothing short than celebrated by all ages.

The elder Hill had quite a following and his untimely passing left his son to pick up the crown and move forward in his own right. Sounding much like his fathers crooning voice, Kenyatta has brought tears to the eyes of many and delight to the heart of all. Hailing from Jamaica and touring the world, he brought an outstanding ending to a beautiful day. The day was enjoyable, the vendors were plentiful, the wide variety of food was amazing, the crowd unified and the weather was SUNsational.

Though many are still on a high from this event, there is already a buzz for the 4th Annual and a question of what can top this one….? One thing is for sure; reggae transcends all music and brings together all people for a family vibe, for a peaceful time and for a lasting memory. For that we continue to give thanks!

"Birds sing not because they have answers but because they have songs."

Blessed Love,